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Welcome to Exceed Consulting. We solve difficult problems.



At Exceed, we believe technology is primarily about people. It is about helping people do better, faster!

We believe that for the biggest impact, technology not has to be secure and performant, but also easy-to-use. That is why everything we do has a razor-sharp focus on our clients and how they use technology.

The solutions we build around Free and Open Source technologies not only save our clients costs, but also brings about significant improvements in quality while encouraging an atmosphere of openness and transparency; giving our clients a greater control over their future.

As one of India's premiere agile practioners, our talent and processes ensure that our solutions are delivered with the principle of the minimum surprise — be it in cost, quality or timelines.

Absolute and total commitment to client success is not only our core principle, it is in our DNA. It is in our name. So the next time you're looking at a big IT project, give us a call. We're Exceed Consulting.


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Contact us

40 1st Floor, Sai Chambers, Sector 11
Central Business District, Belapur
Navi Mumbai - 400614, India
P: (+91) - 922 334 5188;